Smoked Salt Gourmet Salt | Tamarind Smoked




Smoked Salt Gourmet Salt | Tamarind Smoked

Introducing our Smoked Salt Gourmet Salt, a premium flavored salt crafted from the finest all-natural ingredients. Our salt is carefully harvested from the ocean and naturally cold smoked over tamarind wood, giving it a complex yet balanced smoky flavor that will enhance the taste of any dish. The hardwood of the tamarind tree, abundant in the tropics, imparts a slightly bitter but mild flavor reminiscent of walnut, without overpowering.

Our Fleur de Sel Montage Tamarind Smoked is perfect for adding depth and complexity to your cooking. Made by Andaman Gourmet, this all-natural sea salt comes in a 110g glass jar, making it easy to use and store. Product of Thailand, this gourmet salt is perfect for any home cook or professional chef looking to elevate their dishes. Try it today and experience the delicious smoky flavor of Smoked Salt Gourmet Salt.

Don’t wait, elevate your dishes today with Smoked Salt Gourmet Salt. Order now and experience the difference in your cooking!

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Weight 110 kg


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